Private lessons from our talented and extensive teaching staff are available to members and their children.  From the beginning basics to advanced “fine-tuning” our instructors teach all aspects of game improvements including full swing, chipping, pitching and putting.  Video analysis also aids instruction for the most critical details.  Every player has the opportunity to improve to their full potential.

Golf Groups

The LAGCC Golf Staff schedules golf events throughout the year to provide members the opportunity to hone their game, test their competitive mettle, meet and play with other members and get out on the course to have fun.  From the annual club championship, the renowned Alley Oop Invitational to the Ladies 18-Hole Group and 9-Hole Group Invitationals, there are events designed to appeal to the most competitive golfer as well as the novice.


Junior's Golf
There is nothing more exciting than instilling a love for the game in our children and the staff at LAGCC is passionate about training tomorrow’s golf stars through a youth program that offers year-round instruction, camps, clinics and inter-club competition.  From beginner to intermediate golfers we focus on learning every aspect of the game including on-course instruction, etiquette and rules.  For the advanced players there is a full schedule of competition.


Ladies' 9-Hole Golf
The Nine Hole Ladies are out to enjoy the course and learn the game.  Our 9 Hole Ladies play weekly, with an organized competition.  It is a wonderful starting point for the beginning player as well as those who have time for only 9 holes.

Ladies' 18-Hole Golf
The Eighteen Hole Ladies is open to all women in the club with an established 18 hole handicap. This group consists of a full range of handicaps, is very active, with over 125 members and a full schedule of tournaments and matches.


Senior Men's Golf
The Senior Men’s Group is very active with a full schedule.  They play from March through October and feature home and away matches.  This group is about friendships and enjoying the course, not necessarily how well you play.  A must for our age 50 golfers and up!

Couple's Golf
We have very active couple’s golf at LAGCC, including twosome and foursome casual golf, tournaments among our couple’s members, exchanges with neighboring clubs and fun “Nine and Dine” events. imgThe course is reserved for couple’s play, Sunday mornings. These events are for all golfers regardless of ability and are a great opportunity to meet other members and have fun!