The members of Los Altos Golf & Country Club pride themselves on the rich history and strong family traditions of the Club. Whether you’re an avid golfer, tennis player, swimmer or enjoy the many social and dining activities, the benefits are countless and the experiences will stay with you for a lifetime. At Los Altos Golf & Country Club, you're more than a member; you're part of the LAGCC family.

We are a member owned private club, rich in history, where “friends invite friends” to join. Membership is by invitation only, candidates must be sponsored by current Proprietary members and meet the requirements as established by the Board of Directors.

All membership categories are designed for the primary member, spouse and any children under age 25.

Proprietary Membership

Proprietary Members have full use of all Club facilities, including our beautifully maintained golf course and practice facilities. Because this membership holds a proprietary interest, it is the only membership that has voting rights and must be sold or transferred upon resignation. Likewise, Proprietary Memberships only become available when an existing member offers their membership for sale at a price they set. The Nominee will learn the purchase price at the time the invitation to membership is offered. The Club Bylaws limit the total number of Proprietary Memberships to 425

Young Professional Membership

Young Professional members are for those people from the age of 25 until they reach the age of 42. It includes all amenities of the Club, including our golf course and practice facilities, but does have some limitations for golf tournaments and does not allow for voting privileges. This category offers tiered pricing based on age with reduced initiation fees and dues.

Social Membership

Our Social membership includes all of our beautifully designed amenities, but does not include access to the golf course or practice facilities. If desired, Social members can play golf one time per month as the guest of a Proprietary member. This category is not an equity membership so does not include voting privileges and is not resalable. However, once a Social member if you decide at any time in the future you would like to upgrade to a Proprietary membership, 100% of your Social initiation fee is applicable to the purchase price.